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Clz. del Trabajo, San Diego Xocoyucan, 90122 Ixtacuixtla, Tlax. / Calle C. 15, Parque Industrial Puebla 2000, Puebla, Pue.

Water Conservation Tech (WCT)

By reducing the need of groundwater, we help to maintain our aquifers. We have several ways to achieve this:

Tavex has created an innovative dyeing process to reduce the amount of rinse water compared to the conventional production by up to 85%. 

On the other hand, with our wastewater treatment plant, water can be recycled and return to our production process once the contaminants components have been removed, in several stages such as washing, dyeing or heat treatments.

We are also recovering rainwater; the downpours of rainwater are connected to a collector that goes to a tank with capacity of 1,200 m3.