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Clz. del Trabajo, San Diego Xocoyucan, 90122 Ixtacuixtla, Tlax. / Calle C. 15, Parque Industrial Puebla 2000, Puebla, Pue.

Global Initiatives


Tavex is a company committed to the sustainable management of its business, preserving water, implementing green energy, using the cleanest indigo in the world, and now Tavex joins the cause of recycling plastic bottles with the use of REPREVE fiber. Billions of plastic bottles go into landfills and oceans every year. But now we can do something about it. REPREVE transforms recycled bottles into an amazing fiber.

Clean Indigo Initiative

Now 4 years with this initiative, with which we have managed to reduce the consumption of indigo reducers (caustic soda and sodium hydrosulphite), sending less chemicals to the wastewater treatment plant, improving the quality of wastewater, and reducing the amount of sludge. Likewise, the work environment is cleaner in the productive areas through the removal of indigo powder.

Eco Finish Technology

This is another way to reduce the need of fresh water. With this technology, we achieve a reduction of at least 95% of water consumption compared to the conventional nishing process. With this process, the residual water is minimal, so we also improve the quality of treated wastewater. This process also helps to reduce the use of fuels by 40%, thus reducing emissions into the atmosphere.


Special treatment of the yarn at the time of dyeing, which is much more sensitive to laser and that is focused on achieving higher contrasts than with the traditional dyeing process, positively impacting garment and laundry plants, where the processes of hand sand and local potassium can be eliminated, achieving shorter processes, water consumption reduction, and a healthier work environment.


The proper use of science is not to conquer nature, just to live in it. Thereby 70% of our factory will be powered by Green Energy Technology by Fall 2018. Wind energy is an abundant, renewable and clean resource that helps to reduce gas emissions.


With the use of BCI cotton, Tavex seek to help in the reduction of the environmental impact during the production of cotton. We use 10% of our total cotton consumption as BCI. We are member partners of Cotton LEADS and 100% of our cotton is procured in USA.